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Custom Residential Architect for Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area

I have a passion for homes, my home and yours.  My home is a place I can be that is a sanctuary from the world.  A place to regroup, retreat and renew myself.  You can have this too.  I have a passion for helping you create this safe haven in the world.  I want you to have a place in the world that is totally reflective of who you are.  My role as a custom residential architect is to facilitate making your dreams a reality. 

As a custom residential architect, I can help you redesign your existing house to make it more livable.  I can help you design an addition that makes your house better function for you.  As a residential architect, I can help design a vacation cabin or an off the grid house design. I can design and prepare the drawings for you for building an energy efficient house.

As a custom residential architect, I do not have any preconceived style that I impose upon you.  Whether you have a ranch house remodel or an ultra modern home design, my desire is to partner with you in your project.  Any major remodel, addition or new construction is a major investment.  It is important that the project is focused upon your needs and desires.  I can help guide the design in the best direction for your given goals and vision.

I think it imperative that we address the ecological affects of our buildings and work to be a green building architect.  I can help you in innovative architecture, green architecture, and energy efficient home design.

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