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Construction Administration - The Key to Smooth Completion of
Your Custom Residential Architecture Project

During the process of construction, one of the roles of an architect is to be an advocate for you the client.  This is shows up as making periodic site visits, clarifying details in the construction drawings, and providing solutions for unforeseen circumstances.

For my practice in custom residential architecture, this service can be contracted for separate from my regular design contract.  I have some clients who have many years in the building industry and are very confident in the administration of the construction process.  I have been in the construction business for years and can bring valuable experience to the jobsite if you are not comfortable with the task. 

Although as well as any architect can plan ahead and have foresight into minimizing issues that can arise during construction, rarely can the building process move forward without a glitch.  This is the major reason to hire me for construction administration.  If your project is a complicated energy efficient house, or a creative pool house design using innovative architecture, there may be some bugs to work out in the application of these new technologies.  This is the time to have me help.

I have a great talent in seeing the issue, and providing creative architectural solutions to a “problem”.  I can provide solutions based upon cost, time or aesthetics.  Usually during construction, one of the three factors will rule.  It may be that in a certain location, an aesthetic solution is the most important, sometimes when not seen, a cost or time solution is the best.  I can help you evaluate the options.

If you are in the process of building and need a third party advocate for you, my services in the area of construction administration can be contracted for independent of my custom residential architecture services.

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Custom residential architecture and construction administration

Custom Residential Architecture and Construction Management

Custom Residential Architecture and Construction Administration

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