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Residential Renovations: Specializing in Additions, Second Stories and
Kitchen & Bath Remodels for Marin County and San Francisco

As a Corte Madera Architect and resident, I specialize in residential remodels, including kitchen and bath remodels, additions and second story additions.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design

No longer relegated to the private side of life, the contemporary kitchen, whether traditional or modern in style, serves the dual purpose of food preparation and a social gathering spot.  Today’s kitchen remodel may require more storage, more seating and plenty of counter tops.

Many homes have poor layouts and awkward circulation.  Most older homes can be redesigned using my skill in space planning and end up with a larger, more efficient kitchen with no exterior expansion.

Studies have shown that investing in a kitchen remodel can result in an increase in home value over the cost of the remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling and Design

As the American home evolves with the culture, the bathroom has become a sanctuary; a place for withdrawal from the stresses of life and a retreat for renewal.   Special bath spaces need not be achieved with only expensive materials.  Good layout, space planning, conscious choice of colors and materials can add immeasurable to the feeling of a quiet place for retreat.

Because Master baths were less common in older homes, adding a master bath can be a great addition to your house.  While rejuvenating your inner self, you can increase your house value as well.

Second Story Additions

Some communities require Planning Commission review of all second story additions. This is in response to potential privacy issues or community “style”.  Privacy can be ameliorated with window placement and landscape. When you consider the environmental impact of a second story addition against the horizontal addition, the second story addition wins out.  The second story addition does not require more land to be covered and does not cause additional drainage and runoff.

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