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The Process of Innovative Architecture

Why hire an architect?

Architects are trained to look at possibility thinking, relationships of spaces to each other and within each space. Architects examine the context of a building, whether it is its location on the property, its relationship to the surrounding buildings, or the style in which it was constructed.  Architects look at the big picture as well as the little details.

Architects keep abreast of building and zoning code issues that affect the design of our built environment.  We have gone through a rigorous education and exam process to be licensed.

Why hire me instead of any other architect?

I bring to the table years of experience in the construction industry.  I am serious about the work and process, yet endeavor to bring along my sense of humor.  Any kitchen and bath remodel, second story addition, an off the grid house, or new house is a major investment in time and money.  I am a practical person and tend to be careful to not be grandiose in my design concepts.

What is my Process?

Partnership -
The design process is a partnership and a journey.  During the process, I listen, guide, evoke ideas and translate your dreams into reality.  The greater the understanding of your desires, passions and aesthetics, the better the design concepts will be.  Our partnership goal is to work together to manifest your ideas into a finished project to your liking. You will be relied upon for input in the design. I can provide creative architectural solutions and your feedback is key during the design process.

I provide a service to you.  I work for you and only wish to have your dreams turn into reality.  I bring my innovative architecture design abilities and your desires together into a set of drawings that can be built.  I will not argue about your design aesthetic, but will caution you when something is potentially incongruous to the design.  I am on your side.

During the selection of the contractor and during the construction period, I am available to provide construction administration. I am hired to be your advocate to help you through the building process.  I can help clarify the construction process for you.  I can monitor the contractor so the design intent is followed.

If you would like to discuss the options
for your remodeling, new construction or other architectural design project,
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